Children of the Lake is produced by

The Farnham Film Company contact

and distributed through Entertainment Seven

C H I L D R E N    O F   T  H  E    L  A K E


a story of ghosts

93 minutes


A pair of petty criminals on the run hide out in an isolated house. But the house is not empty, and soon it seems they might not escape alive.


Joanne and Nick are a smart young couple making a paranormal way in the world. She talks to the dead, while he collects the valuables in the other rooms. They do it once too often; and they’re on the run.


As night falls, they discover a deserted house at the side of a hidden lake. But the house is not empty.


It’s the longest 48 hours of their lives – and they’re all wrong about how it ends, who is living, and who is not.


Silver Remi Award Worldfest Houston


To see the film, rent it on Indiereign (UK only).

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Children of the Lake was made by this terrific cast and crew.